picture of Cheng

Associate Science Director at Data61, CSIRO and a senior principal research scientist at the Statistical Machine Learning Group. Leading machine learning for scientific discovery at CSIRO.

I am interested in enabling scientific discovery by extending statistical machine learning methods. In recent years, we have developed new optimisation methods for solving problems such as representation learning, uncertainty estimation, and experimental design, with the aim of solving scientific questions in collaboration with experts in other fields. This has included diverse problems in genomics, systems biology, and astronomy. The long term goal is to use active learning, bandits, and choice theory for design of experiments. I am co-author of the textbook Mathematics for Machine Learning. I support and advocate for open source software and reproducible research in the context of machine learning.

My family name is Ong, and my first name is Cheng Soon (yes there is a space in my first name).


Address: Data61, CSIRO
Synergy Building, Black Mountain Campus, Canberra ACT 2601